Bjo Ashwill:

Crawling Up the Tube - Rough Day - Aztec Ruins


Laura Atkinson:

Peaceful Energy

A dream-inspired Kirlian photograph

Laura Atkinson & Ilkin Sungu:

Stars and Flowers - Guardian Turtle

Dream-based interactive painting and text experiments

Fariba Bogzaran:

Eggs Dreaming - Beginning the Dreaming

Pastel and acrylic on raw canvas

John M. Corbett:

13 Graphics to Enhance Dream Descriptions

PC graphics

Elizabeth Diaz:

Hair band - Hand - The R.H.C.P. Series - The Pill - Reservoir Collage

Digital photo collages

Pat Dugan:

Loosing the Cork - 21 and Able

A vine charcoal and pastel drawing, and a porcelain piece

Hugh Duncan:

Autumn Angel - ...Boys in Romania - "Once Yer Up 'Em..." - Spanking The Master

Digital photo collages

Cristoph Gassmann

My Double

Dream-inspired leaded glass

Robert Kathman:

The Ball of Light Dream - Reality Arrangement - A Closer Look

My Walk With Sasa and Gordana in Serbia - Colorful Collar

Hybrid comic format journals

Ed Kellogg:

Lucid Dream Healings

PC graphics

Beatriz E. Ledesma:

Plants Dream I & II


Mary Novak:

Shaman Goddess - Truth Seer - Goddess Sophia

Acrylic on handmade India Paper

Bobbie Ann Pimm:

Trees For Two - Water, Water Everywhere

PC graphics

Regina van der Poel:

Betrothed - Bruised - Secrets - View of the World

Oil on canvas, silk painting


The Tooth

Little Venice

Web graphic storyboards

Water Music I

Dream-inspired sound recording, MP3 format

Ilkin Sungu & Kotaro Miyagi:

To All The Children of My Dreams

Dream-inspired collaborative images and poetry

Richard Wilkerson:

The House of Exceptional Talents

PC graphic



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